Our Mission

To provide programs to educate
 in the field of aviation.  

To foster opportunities to pursue 
an education in the field of aviation.  

To support charitable organizations that
 use aviation to help those in need.

The Wings Club Foundation is the premier global
society of aviation professionals.

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The Wings Club was born in New York City on May 15, 1942

The Wings Club story dates back to 1942, when a number of America’s aviation leaders decided to band together to find a suitable meeting place where they could gather to help chart the future course of aeronautics.

Specifically, The Wings Club was founded to:

  • Maintain a non-profit aviation meeting place in New York City to promote the advancement and development of aeronautics,
  • Provide a center for discussion of matters pertaining to aviation and;
  • Provide members services and facilities to aid them in their aeronautical activities.

Meet Our Student Scholars

The Wings Club Foundation’s scholarship program helps students with diverse backgrounds who have demonstrated academic and leadership milestones and sets them on a leadership path. Every year, a select group of students representing the top university aerospace programs from across the country are awarded scholarships. These students are the next generation of aviators, engineers, problem solvers and they inspire us all.